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GramaFácil offers a lot of information that can help you answer questions for crossword puzzles in Spanish, found in a multitude of different newspapers and specialized magazines.

It has a long list of topics that you can search, so you can find the specific answer you are looking for. The program includes all kinds of categories, from culture to onomatopoeia, as well as film, literature, sports, international awards, etc.

Not all crosswords are the same, and not all questions have the same answers, but GramaFácil incorporates the majority of the solutions for specific cases. You can search for an exact or approximate answer, by category or by specific word. In this last case, you can browse different subjects where that word is found.

You can improve your knowledge by solving crossword puzzles, and solve them more easily using GramaFácil. It lets you get extra training while having fun with your favorite pastime.

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